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Welcome to the Delivery Team at Essentials Mag!

EssentialsMAG is a monthly magazine. Every month the magazines will be delivered to your home on either a Thursday or Friday and they need to be distributed to all the homes and businesses on your route by the following Tuesday at the very latest please.

A map will be provided showing your exact route. Please deliver to all the houses on both sides of the roads unless otherwise stated on the map. If there are businesses and shops on your route please deliver to these as well.

You will be paid each month by BACS on the weekend you deliver the magazines. Please complete the form below and provide your bank details.

If you have any magazines left over at the end of your round please do not dispose of them in a public bin. Take them home with you and let me know so I can collect them. Or, if you have a restaurant, pub, dentist, doctor, nursing home, convenience store, hairdressers etc... on your route please give them the additional magazines.

If you can’t do your round for any reason, please let me know with as much notice as possible. Do not pass your round to someone else without letting me know first. This excludes direct family.

DOs & DON’Ts


  • Complete the round fully - deliver to all roads within the red line on your map (take your map with you).

  • Be polite and courteous at all times when representing EssentialsMAG.

  • Be respectful of all properties you visit. Do not walk across lawns/gardens (use paths) and shut all gates behind you.

  • Ensure magazines are pushed completely though the letterbox fully and not left hanging out of the letterbox.

  • Do not use excessive force to post the magazine through the letterbox.

  • Do not leave magazines on the doorstep, gate or pathway.

  • If there is no letterbox, or it is not accessible do not leave any magazines.

  • If someone refuses the magazine, or does not want it for whatever reason please do not give them one.

  • Deliver to every letterbox you can find, including any businesses, shops as well as homes.

  • Do not take any pets with you on your round.

  • If you are unable to deliver for any reason (illness, bad weather etc) please let us know immediately.


  • Ensure another adult knows when you are going out to undertake distribution. Leave a copy of the distribution route at home so they know where you are going. Give an estimated time of return.

  • If you encounter any verbal abuse, or feel unsafe when making deliveries, leave the area immediately and return to a safe location (e.g. home, shop). Report any abuse to us, your parents if applicable and/or police if appropriate.

  • NEVER enter anyone’s home.

  • NEVER enter a garden which has a grumpy looking dog.

  • If you cannot find the front door/letter box do not go around the back of the house (just make a note that you had problems at that location).

  • Do not accept any offers of help from anyone, especially from people you do not know. Never get into a car with anyone (even if they are offering to help).

  • Please deliver during reasonable daylight hours where possible, preferably between the hours of 9am and 7pm.

  • Never deliver in the dark, and if dusk is approaching ensure you have appropriate light reflective clothing.

  • All houses should be accessible from the roadside. Do not take short cuts through isolated or unknown areas.

  • Do not use skateboards or wear roller blades when delivering the magazines.

  • Take extra care when crossing roads and ensure that you cross only in safe places.

  • Do not wear headphones when delivering as this makes it difficult to hear cars when crossing roads.

  • Never carry more magazines than you feel comfortable with.

  • Never run when making deliveries.

  • Watch out for loose paving stones, potholes etc.

  • Always hold any handrails when climbing steps.

  • Take extra care in wet or icy conditions.

  • Never put fingers into the letterbox (to avoid risk of injury if the letterbox snaps shut and to ensure there is no risk if dogs are present.)

You are a much-valued member of the Essentials Mag team and I look forward to working with you.

Please feel free to contact me, or ask your parents to do so (if you are under 16) if you wish to discuss anything with regards to your delivery round.

Vicky Heathfield
T. 01978 855459 / 07740 945795

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