Mum’s Advice to Warm your Heart

Mother’s day might have been and gone, but their wisdom will stay with us forever.

We often hear "Mum knows best" and while we don't always want to believe it, time and time again it turns out to be true.

My mum has always been a hard worker and she would frequently announce: “Nothing comes from nothing,” meaning if you want something you need to work for it. Stupidly, that is the reason I never play the lottery. On a serious note, this saying has subconsciously been my guide through life and that is probably way I am writing this at 2am in the morning.

To celebrate mother’s day and their wisdom, I was curious to explore what advice has been passed on by our local mums...

“Always treat people how you want to be treated.”
Laura’s mum, Burton

“The only time you should look down at a person is if you are helping them up.”
Jane’s grandma, Acton

“If you need to use credit – you can’t afford it!”
Eira’s mum, Gresford

“This too shall pass.“
Rachel’s nan, Burton

"Always wear clean knickers - just in case your get run over."
Nikki’s mum, Garden Village

“Always be humble and kind. Speak to the janitor the very same way you speak to the CEO. Often times they have far more important things to say.”
Ryan’S MUM, Pandy

“Never go to sleep on an argument as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”
Charlotte’s mum, Rossett

“Keep your hand on your ha’penny’
Rachel, Ruabon

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I wonder what your mum used to say? Whatever it is, pass it on. It must be wise.


Victoria Lee