North wales police - Garden Security Tips

Summer is on its way, so it’s an ideal time to review your garden security. Simple measures can prevent your property from being stolen.

  • If you have an open plan garden, ornaments and furniture can be easily snatched.
  • Mark all property with UV pens indicating postcode and house number – these are available to purchase from us.
  • Put expensive furniture and ornaments in a back garden, behind a secured gate. We have alarmed padlocks available to purchase. If anyone interferes with the padlock, an alarm sounds.
  • Ideally, low front boundaries should not exceed 1m in height, to allow natural surveillance and increase the chances of a burglar being seen.
  • Side and rear boundaries should be a minimum of 1.8m in height. An additional diamond style trellis topping is difficult to climb and provides a framework for spiky, defensive planting, such as climbing roses.
  • Side gates should be level with the front of the building line and rear boundaries. Wheelie bins should be stored behind secure side gates until collection day, to prevent them from being used as climbing aids.
  • Shed doors can be secured with two substantial hasps and staples and closed shackle padlocks. Wrap a strong chain and padlock around ladders and garden equipment. Replace hinge screws with one way clutch head screws and secure windows with internal grilles. We have tamperproof screw kits available.
  • Gravel and pebbles on driveways and paths prevent a silent approach to your home. Consider purchasing a driveway monitor. A driveway monitor alerts you when someone is coming up your drive.
  • Fit low wattage ‘dusk until dawn’ security lights, as PIR sensor lights can be accidentally activated by animals.
  • Photograph valuable garden furniture, plants or ornaments. Property marking and photographing valuables assist police to return stolen property.

Book ‘An Hour with OWL’ with a member of the team at our offices at Mold Police Station to go over your home security.

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Victoria Lee