Self Help Ear Care Advice

"Don't put anything in your ear which is smaller than your elbow!"

Ear wax is a substance produced and stored in the outer ear. It is slightly acidic and therefore offers natural protection from infection. It migrates from the ear independently as the ear is a self-cleaning organ, however, some people might experience problems with ear wax from time to time. The causes could be simply due to small anatomy, the use of hearing aids, poking, prodding, water, diet... the list is endless! The problems can range from a reduction in hearing, pain, itchiness, trauma, infection and/or dizziness.

Self help ear care advice:

  • No poking or prodding with foreign objects such as cotton buds, hair grips, pens, the arms of glasses etc...
  • Avoid water in the ears by using ear plugs for showering or hair washing. If you're a keen swimmer then treat yourself to a good pair of swimming plugs.
  • Apply 2-3 drops of olive oil once a month to aid the self-cleaning ability of the ears (olive oil is now available in a spray, which I am reliably informed is much easier to apply and is less time consuming than drops).
  • Regular cleaning and servicing of hearing aids is important for your ear's health. The local audiology department offer a great service for maintaining your NHS hearing aids and are always willing to teach you how to do it for yourself. There are also community based drop-in sessions run by the Hearing Aid Volunteer Service.

In Acton Community Centre this happens on the 4th Friday of every month between 09:45 - 11:45am.

If you do experience issues with ear wax then please seek medical advice as trying to remove ear wax can cause trauma to the ear canal.

There are various methods available to remove ear wax and these include instrumentation, irrigation (previously known as ear syringing) and micro suction. Irrigation is not suitable for all, for example if you have a current ear infection, perforation or you have had ear surgery (except grommets) then you might want to consider an alternative treatment.

Ear Care Solutions are based at The Plassey, Eyton, and we would be happy to offer treatment at a discounted rate to reader's of ESSENTIALS MAGAZINE.

EssentialsMAG fear care contributor is Pam Hughes from Ear Care Solutions
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