Top Tips on How to Manage Stress

May brought us Stress Awareness Week, but for many, stress levels are at an all-time high with exams. So how can we manage stress at such an important time? Here are some top tips that may help:

Eat well.
Maintaining steady blood sugar levels will help to avoid energy dips and promote good sleep. Avoid sugary foods such as sweets, chocolate, cereals, choosing nutrient rich foods such as dark green, leafy veg, lean protein and pulses.

Stay Hydrated.
Stay topped up with plenty of water, diluted pure fruit juice (to minimise sugars) and herbal teas. caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and carbonated drinks can create jittery activity and can adversely affect sleep patterns.

Get Good Sleep.
Our bodies can cope with a night or two of poor sleep, but adding the worry of poor sleep to an already nervous mind, will never help. Take a relaxing bath, turn off all electrical appliances by 10pm, ensure the bedroom is cave dark, read a book, practice some yoga deep breathing and meditation. Relax your mind for restful sleep, and wake-up on the morning feeling refreshed and ready.

Take A Break.
Apparently, we can only concentrate for about 45 minutes before we start to become less effective in our task. So, take regular breaks, whether that's simply getting up from the desk, or removing yourself from the task for a short period of time.

Or perhaps, take some exercise - go for a walk, run, swim or bike ride. Exercise releases natural feel-good chemicals that will help you feel less stressed

Reward yourself.
Set yourself achievable goals and treat yourself when you reach them. And then plan something fabulous when it's over.

EssentialsMAG fitness contributor is Helen Conway from Bodywork Pilates
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Victoria Lee