24 Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a topic that has been requested a couple of times since this tech-orientated series started earlier in the year: keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts allow you to press a combination of keys in order to invoke a command that you would ordinarily access by using your mouse on the screen. It may seem like quite a simple thing, but simplifying tasks by keeping your hands on the keyboard can save you quite a bit of time in the long-run.

Generally, keyboard shortcuts are accessed by using the Shift or Ctrl keys, plus a letter. If you use a Mac, use the Cmd key in place of Ctrl.

Let’s start with formatting. These shortcuts are particularly useful when creating documents or emails:

Ctrl + B Toggle bold text

Ctrl + I Toggle italic text

Ctrl + U Toggle underline text

Ctrl + L Left-align text

Ctrl + E Centre-align text

Ctrl + R Right-align text

Now the more general, system-wide shortcuts, which are useful across multiple applications:

Ctrl + A Select all

Ctrl + N New document/window

Ctrl + O Open document/window

Ctrl + S Save (or Save as…)

Ctrl + P Print

Ctrl + C Copy to clipboard

Ctrl + X Cut to clipboard

Ctrl + V Paste from clipboard

Ctrl + Z Undo last action

Ctrl + Y Redo last action

Finally, browsing the internet. These useful shortcuts will work in most of the popular browsers:

Ctrl + N Opens a new window

Ctrl + T Opens a new tab

Space Moves down the page

Shift + Space Moves up the page

Ctrl + R Refresh the page

Esc Stop a page loading

Ctrl + / Ctrl - Zoom in / out 10%

Ctrl + D Add to bookmarks

Shortcuts like these can become muscle-memory, saving you considerable time. There are, of course, many more than those listed above.

If you want to dive deeper, do a quick search online for ‘keyboard shortcuts’.

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By EssentialsMAG tech contributor DAVID HUGHES
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