Beckwith & Fuller Events -Exciting and Unique Entertainers

What is Beckwith and Fuller Events?

Anthony: We are an entertainment provider based in Pen-y-Ffordd. We provide entertainment for all kinds of events from small private parties to full stage productions for large corporate events.

Karl: And of course we do our own productions such as our cabaret nights.

So Why Beckwith and fuller and not Beckwith and Jones?

Karl: My stage name is Billy Fuller which is derived from my two grandads names. Billy is the family name on my Dads side and Fuller the surname of my mums side.

How did it all start?

Anthony: For me 17 years ago when I finished my school age 16 and ran away and joined a travelling circus. Over the years I have done it all from clown to management.

Karl: I met Anthony just after finishing Glyndwr university four years ago and joined the circus after learning how to eat and breath fire.

Have you ever injured yourself?

Karl: There's been a few minor injuries, the odd blister and burn but nothing that ever needs hospital and mostly while we were still learning in the early days.

Anthony: Funny enough though nobody will give us life insurance.

So Fire eating is pretty daring do you do other dangerous stuff?

Anthony: We specialise in it such as Knife throwing and Climbing a ladder of samurai swords barefoot.

Karl: And of course we have our world famous whip cracking routine where I can remove a cocktail umbrella from Anthony's teeth with a 6ft bullwhip travelling over 900mph.

Over 900mph that is super fast, is that really how fast it goes?

Karl: Absolutely, the loud crack of the whip is the lash, the little bit at the end breaking the sound barrier, it’s a mini sonic boom.

Do You have any Hobbies other than entertaining people?

Anthony: Our work eats up a lot of our time but we do try and find a moment when we go up Llandegla forest mountain biking or take the odd day off and visit Alton Towers, we are both roller coaster junkies.

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline?

Anthony: We sure do, we have our Clockwork Cabaret show at the Brymbo sports and social complex coming up on Saturday 3rd of August.

Karl: It has our own danger acts but will also feature live music, some mentalism and magic.

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