Blood Bikes’ First Female Rider in North Wales

Local businesswoman hits the road as Blood Bikes’ first female rider in North Wales. Wrexham business owner and motorbike enthusiast Maja Kenney, 44, decided to upgrade her hobby that she loves, to help give back to the local community.


The charity, Blood Bikes Wales is an enthusiastic team of volunteers committed to using their time and skills to help the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales. It is a member of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes, which shares its goal to provide a reliable, free, high-quality service to health trusts throughout the country.

Blood Bikes Wales provides the NHS with out-of-hours transport to move blood supplies, plasma, documents and other items between hospitals, saving substantial sums of money that can then be used for frontline care.

Chris Jones from Blood Bikes Wales explains: “

During working hours the NHS uses its own transportation system. Outside of these hours, the NHS has to rely on the police, ambulance services, taxis and couriers to meet its needs, which can prove costly. We provide our service to them totally free and we operate throughout the year.”

Following extensive training, Maja passed the challenging riding test to become a fully-qualified rider for the charity. She will now be included in the rota for on-call duties, which will see her riding anywhere from Liverpool and Bangor to Newtown and further afield.

Commented Maja: “

I am so proud to have passed the riding test and joined the Blood Bikes family in North Wales. The NHS in north Wales is so important to us all and I firmly believe that anything we can do to support this great institution is vital. By training to become a Blood Bikes rider I am able to help constructively, while doing something that I love at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.”

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