Local School Girl Heads to British Solo Dance Ice Skating Championships

Kaylee Mellor from Marford will head off to the British Solo Dance Ice Skating Championships in July. The annual event, held in Sheffield Ice Arena is the pinnacle of the Solo Dance Calendar with only the Top 24 UK skaters in each category being invited to compete.

At just ten years old Kaylee has been skating since the Age of six. It all started when she attended a Winter Wonderland outdoor Ice rink and she proceeded to take Group Skate Uk lessons at Deeside and eventually took on a Coach at age eight.

Kaylee is currently coached by Ryan Southan and Pam Richardson for Dance and can spend up to 12 hours a week at the Rink in practice.

So far this year Kaylee has skated competitively in various rinks across the UK from Aberdeen to Walthamstow and has also represented GBR in The Unicorn Dance Trophy in Holland where she secured a Bronze Medal.

Lots of people are not aware there are various genres of ice skating and ice dance is where skaters preform a set sequence dance to specific music, such as Foxtrot, Tango etc. They have to skate two difference dances and then a third skate which is a free dance which an interpretation of a dance to their own music. For this Dance, Kaylee skates to Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl - “We chose this song as it is fun and upbeat and Jessie as a character loves to have fun with her friends - just like Kaylee” says Ryan Southan, Kaylee’s coach.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, as in August 2017 Kaylee began to suffer with foot pains, after investigations it was discovered that Kaylee suffered with Tarsal Coalition in both of her feet - a condition present from birth which means that two bones in your foot are fused together causing limited movement and pain. Luckily, Kaylee was put under the care of a wonderful surgeon in RJAH and she underwent corrective surgery in one foot in January 2018.

By April that year Kaylee was back on the ice and with the support of all her friends from Deeside Ice Skating Club and team mates from ISkate, Ryan soon gained back her confidence and built up her strength.

When asked what drives her Kaylee’s Response is - “I Love being on the ice and I especially love my Team.”

We wish Kaylee all the luck in the World.

Victoria Lee