February 13th - Madly in Love with Me Day

By EssentialsMAG fitness contributor Helen Conway

February brings the promise of longer days, a whiff of Spring and the potential of some chocolate and champagne on Valentine’s Day. But before you throw yourself into February 14th, with its excessive marketing, stop.

February 13th is Madly in Love with Me Day.
Founded by Californian self-help expert, Christine Arylo, it is the practice of becoming your own best friend. Arylo believes that you deserve to love yourself every bit as much as the object of your affections. That to give love, you should love yourself. So, let February be the month of Love. For you. Try some of these Top Tips to practice a little self-love;

Create a self-love ritual
Spend 10 minutes every day unplugged from the TV, social media and others for a little personal pampering. For example, more than the usual grabbed quick shower, take a few moments to really focus on moisturising your body, quietly thanking it for its amazing abilities, thoughtfully moisturise your hands and feet, appreciating what they allow you to do and where they take you every day. Show yourself some simple gratitude.

Stop the comparisons
It’s so easy to see other people’s lives and think they are getting everything right and everything they want. But what is presented via reality TV, the media and social media is often a well-planned campaign, often for publicity. But remember, everyone has great days, good days and days they wish had never started. That’s life. But you are in charge of the change you would like, so stop watching others and crack on. Focus on the positive- and move on from the negative.

Find your ‘Happy Place’
It doesn’t have to be a physical place. Just having a comfy chair in a quiet, uncluttered corner, with a cosy blanket to wrap up in, might be your Happy Place. To have somewhere you can retreat to for a few moments of calm clarity can be so uplifting and centring. Breathe a little, read, have a cuppa. It’s your Happy Place. Embrace the here and now.

Write a ‘Gratitude Journal’
If you’re anything like me, the joy of a beautiful new notebook never diminishes. Those clean, crisp, silky pages so full of possibilities. So, take a moment every evening to make a note of all that you have to be grateful for. It may be challenging at first – we can be very good at reacting to the negative but not acknowledging the positive, but it will get easier and you will have a fabulous record of those life wins when you need a little personal reassurance that all is well. So, grab that notebook and your favourite pen, get scribbling.

EssentialsMAG fitness contributor is Helen Conway from Bodywork Pilates www.bodywork-pilates.co.uk
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