Natasha Hamilton - Feeling Whole Again!

By Natasha Hamilton

What happens when you reach your mid-thirties and want a complete career change?

Do you run a mile and think, “That’s just a pipe dream?”

Do you feel insecure that having the same career for 20 years will make you ill-equipped for the next phase of your life?

Or do you say, “What the hell!” and just go for it?

I cut my teeth working in the pop group Atomic Kitten, we did quite well! It’s was an amazing time, but now when I think back, it feels like I’m looking in on someone else’s life.

After the group ended, I feared venturing into the unknown, but I knew one thing for sure, I needed a new challenge and I wanted to have my own business.

I had postnatal depression after having my daughter, and I needed to do something for myself to get my confidence back. So, I enrolled on a beauty course. Beauty gave me a new lease of life. I loved being able to turn-off from my thoughts and concentrate on making others feel good about themselves. Whenever a client came in feeling really stressed and worn out, but after their treatment left feeling relaxed with a big smile on their face I just knew I was on the right career path.

2019 has been such a revaluation. I have taken a massive leap of faith and have opened my own skin rejuvenation clinic in the beautiful village of Farndon called Natasha Hamilton Skin, - I haven’t looked back!

I have channelled my passion and concentrate on skin rejuvenation. I am a Facialist with a desire for getting people’s skin to its optimum health using skin care that has high-active ingredients and supplements that heal the skin from within.

At my clinic you can relax whilst knowing the treatments I offer are results driven and non-invasive. My passion for skin grows every day and I cannot wait to see where the next 20 years will take me within the health and beauty industries.

You can find Natasha Hamilton Skin at The Long Barn, High Street, Farndon CH3 6PU
T: 01829 270 511 M: 07881 409351,

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