Network Marketing - - The Business of the 21st Century

By Iain Girling, Independent Consultant

I first came across network marketing in 2008, ignored it because I thought it was one of those things! What made me change my thinking was a question I was asked shortly afterwards, “If you continue doing what you are doing now, what will your life look like in five years time?” I didn’t know the answer but was curious about the question.

What is network marketing?

It is a method of business that is outstripping all other forms of commerce for growth. Many people are shopping online and buying products recommended to them by family and friends. Consider the following; Buying a book, car, holiday, booking a restaurant, hotel, where better to get a recommendation than from someone who has been there before you and you trust.

Major network marketing businesses are members of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) who oversee good practice. Consultants like myself have to adhere to a specific code of conduct, and like any high street businesses, I only earn money when I sell products. To be successful I need a mobile phone, laptop and business cards. Joining fees are often less than £100.00 I must also be prepared to work. This is a business not a hobby.

Unlike most occupations, anyone can join and be successful in network marketing. You just have to want to succeed. When you next meet someone who has their own network marketing business, instead of thinking negatively or avoiding them, ‘listen with an open mind’. They will have a story to tell. We all have and their story may resonate with you.

Iain Girling, Independent Consultant with a Health and Wellness business

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