Ready For Anything!

By EssentialsMAG fitness contributor LEE EASON

As I write this, not only are the days closing in, but also the temperature is dropping more than I would like. However, don’t let that stop you getting out. Just be prepared by following some simple steps:

• Buddy Up - Making the time to meet up with a friend once a week to exercise is a great way to boost your motivation. Getting out and getting active, whether it’s a run, bike ride or a walk with a friend or a group will give you the extra determination to make you turn up and count that one off the list.

• Warm Up Inside - Before you head out of the door, move around inside to get the blood flowing and gradually raise your heart rate. This will help your body to feel ready for exercise and make working out easier. Run on the spot or walk up and down your stairs to warm-up your muscles. Just a small amount of time can have a big impact on reducing the chance of injury.

• Get Out of Those Wet Clothes! - Damp clothing increases heat loss. Immediately after your workout, remove sweaty clothes and get into a hot shower or, if you’re not ready for a shower yet, at least put on some dry clothes to get the heat back in your body. This can be easy enough to forget as you may already feel warm.

• Don't Forget to Drink - Even when it’s cold, you still lose water through sweating, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the colder months. Keep your fluids up by always having water to hand when you exercise, as we can all easily forget this one vital point and become dehydrated.

One crucial area to pay attention to is visibility when you are outside (especially after dark). If you are out running or walking then it is important to make yourself as visible as possible. I myself have been running without any form of visibility or lights in the past and, luckily, I had no issues, but once I did have a close call. Since then, I have always had the essentials of reflective clothing and bright lights when I’m out running or on my bike.

For anyone interested, I will be running Marford Hill every Wednesday at 6.00pm, you can join me at your own pace, be that running, walking or crawling! My plan is to do it three times or more on the day, so feel free to come and tackle the hill with me. (I will start from the Co-op at the top of Marford Hill, Chester Road, Marford).

“You don’t find willpower, you create it!”

High-viz clothing: jackets, trousers, shoes, helmets, gloves and overshoes are all available with high-viz colours and reflective patches in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes - available at Alf Jones Cycles in Gresford. Tel: 01978 854300.

EssentialsMAG fitness contributor is Lee Eason

Victoria Lee