Recycling Information Q&A

We all try diligently to recycle our waste, but do you really know what your local Council can or cannot recycle? One of our lovely readers recently asked Wrexham County Council some recycling questions and wanted to share her findings with us.

Do I take the hard plastic tops off milk bottles, and do they go separately in the plastics bin?
Yes, please take tops off all bottles before squashing them down and then put the tops back on the bottle.

Do I remove the ‘windows’ in envelopes?
No, there is no need to remove the windows from envelopes.

Where do black and brown plastic containers go?
Black and brown plastic pots, tubs and trays can all go in your plastics/cans recycling box.

Does the plastic lid on coffee jars need separating?
Remove plastic/metal lids from glass jars and recycle separately in the plastics/can recycling box please.

Are all small plastic containers recycled, what about clear meat trays covered with plastic and paper?
Yes, all plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays are recycled. Unfortunately, we can’t recycle plastic film.

Are all, including softer yogurt containers recycled?
Yes, if it’s a plastic pot or tub.

Do the metal and plastic ‘rings’ around necks of glass bottles need removing where possible?
No, there’s no need to remove the plastic/metal rings from around bottles as our reprocessor can cope with these left on.

Do the plastic bags containing fruit and vegetables eg. apples/potatoes get recycled?
No, we cannot recycle plastic bags, sorry.

Do I need to take the paper labels off tins?
No, just rinse away any food residue please. Any labels can be left on.

I understand that the metal ‘pulls’ on tins eg fish and cans cannot be recycled?
Metal pulls can be recycled if you put them back into the can/tin please.

Is bagged shredded paper to go into the top ‘paper’ bin?
Yes, bagged shredded paper can go into the top box of your recycling trolley or blue bag, or by the side of your bin in a clear bag please.

If you live outside Wrexham these answers may be different.

Victoria Lee