Rewire Your Brain For Positivity

Colourful autumn time offers a good time for reflection, or even better: thought observation. We have roughly 70,000 thoughts a day and we will have all noticed that not all of these are positive or useful. Let me be quite clear, that having negative thoughts is not necessarily bad; they often keep us safe or sometimes even motivated.

So what is the problem? As Earl Nightingale points out “We become what we think about,” and as such, continually focusing on negative thoughts can hinder our ability to live a happy and positive life. Fortunately, our brains can be rewired to look for the lesson (keep us safe) in every situation and to focus on positivity.

Here are three techniques to rewire your brain for positivity:

1. Train your thoughts

Start by observing your thoughts. Notice any negative thoughts that maybe keep repeating or play in a loop. Next, it’s time to take control of your thoughts and release any recurring negativity. This can be done by shifting your focus: when you feel your thoughts slipping into a negative spiral bring them back to centre (maybe focusing on your breath) and change the pattern by shifting your focus to the good things in your life.

2. Talk the talk

Positive affirmations are simple but impactful statements. They are spoken out loud and repeated daily to uplift and motivate you. These affirmations can boost your positivity and empower you to focus on opportunities, not obstacles. Start by choosing one daily affirmation that you can repeat each morning, for example: ”Today

I live in positivity“. Once it has become part of your daily truth, try adding more daily affirmations, until you have a set of three positive affirmations to empower you each day.

3. Follow up with actions

A 2010 study found that smiling when you’re feeling low or unhappy helps improve your mood and can increase positive thoughts. Similarly, another study found that practising power poses can increase your feelings of confidence. When you feel stress or negativity creeping into your daily life, you can practise simple actions, like smiling or power poses to help elicit a positive response in your brain.

Everyone has the power to break-out of negativity by training your brain to look for the best in difficult circumstances and allow yourself to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Happy thoughtful November!

By EssentialsMAG motivation contributor SASHA KENNEY
Wellbeing Coach, World Record holder, business owner and Motivational Speaker.

Victoria Lee