Copy of RSPCA - Seasonal Advice for Autumn

As temperatures drop and it gets dark earlier, The RSPCA receive many calls about the welfare of pets and wildlife. Check out their top tips to keeping animals safe and warm in autumn.

Keeping safe in the dark

Always wear reflective clothing to make yourself visible when walking near roads in the dark. And don't forget your pets! Fit your dog and cat with a reflective collar - but make sure only a quick release collar is used for a cat.

Watch out! Animals on the roads

The RSPCA see more injured wild animals coming into their care, who have been involved in road traffic accidents, as the nights grow longer. Road traffic accidents involving deer are especially common during the rut, which can occur from mid-July to December (depending on the species).

Take note of warning signs, drive with extreme caution (especially early morning and evening) and report collisions with deer to the police.

Fireworks and bonfires during the festive season

Build bonfires as close to time of lighting as possible, and check them thoroughly for animals before lighting, this can help save the lives of hedgehogs and other small animals. Loud fireworks can be terrifying for animals.

Bat alert!

Bats look for suitable hibernation sites around October. Pipistrelles are the most likely to roost in buildings during winter. Bats and their roosts are protected by law in the UK - so you must not disturb or harm them in any way.

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