Sharing the Network Love

By EssentialsMAG business contributor DARYL VICKERS

There are many ways to bring more work in to your business, not least this wonderful monthly magazine, but no business should rely on one source of new work. Networking with fellow business owners is proven to work, if you are willing to put time and effort in to building relationships with the people you meet.

This is all well and good, but how do you go about choosing a networking meeting to join?

For me, it was always about the feel of the meeting. Would I be happy getting up and going to the meeting once a week/once a fortnight? Did the meeting fit my personality? Was it too structured or too relaxed? Did I feel welcome at the meeting? Was it too clicky?

Once I found a meeting that ticked those boxes, only then did I look at the other people in the room and think, can I find more work for my business here. If going to a meeting felt like a chore, I walked away.

Networking is, and never was, solely about generating income for my business. I wanted people around me who I could speak to if I had a problem in my business, a peer group who I could trust not to point fingers and listen. Don’t get me wrong, for some networking is all about making money from it but for me, when I set up my own networking meetings it was always about more than making money.

Joining a meeting generally involves a membership payment, but handing over a sum of money doesn’t guarantee a return on your investment. Like any part of your business, you have to put time and effort in to networking and really get to know the other business owners at the meeting, and only then do you reap real rewards.

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Networking is nothing to be afraid of, so if you are a business owner and never attended any kind of networking meeting, embrace the concept and go in with an open mind and

I am sure you will be presently surprised. Wrexham and the surrounding areas have a number of regular meetings, and I am sure that amongst them there will be one that is right for you.

EssentialsMAG business contributor is Daryl Vickers from Networx4business
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