20th March is World Storytelling Day

By EssentialsMAG fitness contributor HELEN CONWAY

Now I love a good story - a good book, a great film, but most of all, telling stories, and listening to stories from others. I am known as a story teller, using the opportunity in my classes to connect with my clients, to entertain them whilst they work, to take their mind off the tough moves I ask of them in class. I read stories in relaxation classes to enhance the whole experience. I love recounting the experiences of my life that have shaped my life. And I love to hear the stories of others.


The aim of World Storytelling Day is to celebrate the art of oral storytelling, with as many people as possible around the world telling and listening to stories in their own languages on the same day. People taking part can link up with others around the globe who are also contributing – making it a truly international festival that creates new friends and promotes positive understanding of cultures around the world! But you don't have to wait. Start now.

The benefits of story telling for both children and adults are many:

  • Promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

  • Increases willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings.

  • Encourages active participation.

  • Increases verbal proficiency.

  • Encourages the use of imagination and creativity.

  • Enhances listening skills.

Simply chatting with friends and family, sharing life's experiences and situations, listening to their stories as they listen to yours, is so important in this age of digital contact and entertainment. It's too easy to get distracted. To not talk with depth. And we run the risk of losing the family stories that shaped the paths to where we are now.

So, sit down with your friends and your loved ones, and spin a yarn, and pass down your stories to the next generation so that they too become accomplished story tellers.

EssentialsMAG fitness contributor is Helen Conway from Bodywork Pilates
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