Yellow Dog UK - Some Dogs Need Space


Yellow Dog UK is an international campaign promoting the idea that ‘Some dogs need space’ when out in public. The campaign was launched in 2012 when the founders became increasingly anxious of approaching off lead dogs when out with their ‘Yellow Dogs’.

There could be numerous reasons why a dog needs space, for example:

  • They could be ill or injured

  • They could be old

  • They might be in season

  • They could be in training

  • The dog could be nervous or anxious

  • The dog could have had previous bad experiences

  • It might be a new dog or rescue who’s family is getting to know them.

I don’t think that off lead dogs should be allowed to run over to on lead ones just in case, but you can highlight that your dog needs space or would rather be left alone by making them wear something yellow. Whether it be a yellow harness, collar, lead, vest or even a bandana. The Yellow Dog UK website sells a variety of equipment for you and your dog and even gives out free ribbons that you can tie on your dog lead for people to see.

Being a dog walker, I walk a wide variety of dogs, different breeds of various sizes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dog that would rather not say hello to every dog that it meets. Different people have different personalities and so do our dogs. One might love charging about the field with all their dog friends whilst this might make another feel incredibly anxious and reactive. And one thing that an anxious dog definitely does not need is another strange dog running over and bombarding it.

I have dogs that need space for loads of different reasons. Some of them are rescues that maybe haven’t had the best start, some have been attacked by off lead dogs previously and so are understandably wary, others are actually incredibly dog friendly but have just had surgery so need to be kept on lead and having calm slow walks. Sometimes it’s not even the approaching dog that is a problem but instead the owner if the dog is nervous of new people.

So please, next time you are out with your dogs please keep in mind that “Some Dogs Need Space.”

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Victoria Lee